Charitable funds

Did you know the Trust has its own charity?

Each year the Trust’s charitable funds committee gives out money to support projects right across the Trust. View the charity’s latest annual report.

Our charitable funds exist to support services in Barnsley, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield. They are not used to fund NHS services, but enable us to provide extras we could not otherwise offer.

The charity, which is managed by the UK Charity Commission, channels funding into different projects across the Trust. However, projects can’t continue unaffected if the Trust doesn’t receive donations to the charity.

Ian Black, Trust Chairman, said:

“The charitable fund enables the Trust to support many projects big and small. It could be something straight forward such as badminton or art equipment, but they have massive impacts for service users and can have a positive effect on their lives.”

View the terms of reference for the charitable funds committee which manages the Trust’s charitable funds.

In this section you can find out all about the Trust’s charitable funds, how it has helped services so far and how you can do your bit to boost the funds.