Mental Health Safety Thermometer

The Mental Health Safety Thermometer is a national tool that has been designed to measure commonly occurring harms in people that engage with mental health services.

We have over 60 wards, units and teams that take part in our monthly data collection. Staff are asked to record incidents of ‘harms’ and the number of patients that are ‘harm free’. These are events that do happen in health care but are things that should happen very infrequently. If they are happening often, it shows that services need to make improvements in order to reduce the specific measured harm(s).

Harms can include medication omissions, self-harm, victims of a violent episode, the feeling of being psychologically safe and any use of restraint (inpatient areas only).

We work with our teams and our commissioners to monitor and review these harms and have targets set to make sure we are keeping to the very best standard we can.

Find out more about the Mental Health Safety Thermometer on the website.