Barnsley dementia service

The Trust’s dementia services in Barnsley provide a single point of access, for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people with memory problems in line with the NHS national dementia strategy.

The service is based at Kendray hospital and operates from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Our service offer and objectives

Problems with memory are not necessarily linked to dementia. Infections, intoxication and depression are some of the conditions that impact on what people remember.

Staff in the dementia service work closely with GPs and colleagues from the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, providing a single point of access for referrals. They carry out detailed assessments to uncover the underlying causes of memory problems. In cases where an individual does have dementia, they may be helped by medication that slows the progress of the illness.

The team is led by a consultant nurse who offers expert clinical input and guidance.

Senior community dementia workers offer diagnostic assessment incorporating risk, ongoing evaluation and review of people’s needs to enable people to maintain their optimum independence at home.

When people are first diagnosed, we offer education and information to them and to their carers to help them make plans for the future.

They are supported by community dementia workers who provide further support in the later stages of illness, act as liaison to nursing and residential homes and navigate people through the range of support services available. Dementia support workers help people to live as well as possible with their dementia illness in their own communities.

In times of crisis, the service will support the rapid response team to help to maintain people in their own homes. They also arrange for people to be admitted to short stay settings where needed.

Our service aims to:

How can I access the memory service?

Your GP

Most people need to see their GP in the first instance. Tell them what problems you are having; how long you have been having them and how often they occur. The doctor will arrange some routine tests and investigations to rule out any physical illness that may be causing your memory problems

These tests may involve:

Your GP will also conduct a short memory test with you to measure the extent of your memory loss and talk to your family and/or carers with your permission, to discuss any changes they have noticed.

The district nurse, health visitor or community psychiatric nurse

These health professionals can refer you into the memory service and they will also be required to complete the memory tests and organise your physical tests through your GP.

Medical staff from Barnsley General hospital

Staff at Barnsley hospital can also refer you to the memory service following a stay in hospital. The tests and investigations required to rule out any physical causes will be done whilst you are in hospital and the memory nurse will contact you once you have been discharged so that they can visit you at home in familiar surroundings.

What happens after I have been referred to the memory service?

The memory service will contact you to arrange for a memory nurse to visit you at home.  The visit usually takes around 90 minutes and will involve a general discussion with some questionnaires which the nurse will complete with you.  The nurse will then discuss the results of the assessment visit with one of our consultant psychiatrists and a clinic appointment will be offered to you for diagnosis. If you would prefer to receive the diagnosis from the memory nurse, then they will visit you at home.

You will also be given an information file, which belongs to you and will contain all the information you require to meet your needs. Information will be added to this file as your needs change.

What can I expect at my appointment?

Your memory nurse will arrange to come and visit you and your family and/or carer following your appointment with the consultant. They will discuss your needs and how best they can be met. It may be that you are signposted to other services such as voluntary organisations or social services; or it may be that you require specialist support from within the memory services.

A care plan will be drawn up for you which will identify what care you can expect.  This care plan will change as your needs change.

What can I expect after my diagnosis?

You will be followed up by the memory service to check your dementia needs.  Your treatment and care plan will be amended as necessary.

Our clinics

We currently operate clinics from the following sites:

Oaks Park Primary Care Centre,
Thornton Road
S70 3NE
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Apollo Court Medical Centre
High Street
S75 3RF
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Where can you get more information?

For more information about the Barnsley dementia service contact the team at:

Oaks Building
Kendray Hospital
Doncaster Road
S70 3RD
01226 434129

For more information about dementia visit the Alzheimer’s society website

Page last updated on July 11th, 2013