Musculoskeletal physiotherapy service

The musculoskeletal physiotherapy service in Barnsley aims to provide a high quality service for adults (over the age of 16 or those aged 14-16 years who are deemed competent and choose to be seen in an adult service) who have spinal, peripheral joint, soft tissue or neuromuscular problems of an acute or long term presentation.

The service provides assessment and treatment of patients with a wide range of acute and long standing musculoskeletal problems using a variety of techniques such as mobilisations/manipulation, soft tissue massage, traction, acupuncture, exercise, self management techniques, advice, electrotherapy, posture correction, hydrotherapy.

The service runs a range of one-to-one, group work and hydrotherapy sessions as well as offering an urgent back pain service for patients who are unable to leave their own home due to the severity of their condition. The patient will usually be contacted by telephone within 24 hours and given regular telephone support until they can access one of our clinics.
We also provide a self-referral service which is an initial telephone assessment followed by exercise and advice or, if deemed appropriate, a face to face appointment for an objective assessment.

Why would someone choose the service

  • Assessment and therapy provided in a variety of settings across Barnsley to meet patients’ needs
  • Knowledge and skills to provide excellent outcomes and recovery
  • Excellent links and joint working with other professionals eg other physiotherapy teams, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, dietitians, doctors etc
  • Flexibility in appointment times evening and early morning clinics
  • Various modes of therapy delivery e.g. individual treatment, telephone advice, group sessions and hydrotherapy.
  • Patient-centered, comprehensive approach to treatment,
  • Patient satisfaction survey results – 100% said we treated patients with dignity and respect; 95% rated their
  • overall experience as very/quite good
  • Telephone self-referral service, allowing timely access to advice.

Staff you may meet

  • Administrator
  • Other clinical staff
  • Physiotherapist
  • Receptionist

Page last updated on February 20th, 2018

Service delivered in: Barnsley, Kirklees, Wakefield