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The paediatric epilepsy nursing service is extremely well placed to coordinate the care of children and young people with a diagnosis of epilepsy in Barnsley. The service has been established for a number of years and we have developed strong links with partnership services in health, education, social care and the voluntary sector. These partnership arrangements include the day to day working alongside our medical colleagues in primary, secondary and tertiary health services.

The service supports the assessment and ongoing management of children with epilepsy in the community, and continues to reduce the misdiagnosis of epilepsy, whilst also reducing costly admissions to the acute hospital for epilepsy, and the need to see GP’s for issues relating to epilepsy.

The paediatric epilepsy nursing service plays a key role in child protection and is involved in the safeguarding of children at all levels locally. The service also continues to develop links in within the community to provide improved services to our patients. This has included annual patient reviews in settings such as Greenacre Special School for our children with co-morbid complex needs/disabilities, the provision of a support meeting for adolescents with epilepsy, and the development of a nurse-led transition clinic to adult epilepsy services. We are also currently exploring the possibility of holding clinics for adolescents with epilepsy within the well-being areas of the secondary schools in Barnsley.

All of the above has been developed to meet the identified service outcomes which have been designed to ensure that we can provide high quality evidence-based and best-practice care to children with epilepsy and their families, resulting in improved outcomes, more efficiently and at less cost to the NHS.

Support offered

  • Point of contact
  • Specialised clinics
  • Advice and information
  • Education and training
  • Assessment
  • Counselling and support
  • Risk management
  • Medicines management


  • To reduce seizures and side-effects to treatment in children who have epilepsy
  • Empower children and their families to understand the condition better resulting in improved self management
  • Improved quality of life for children/young people with epilepsy and their families
  • Reduce the misdiagnosis of epilepsy
  • Contribute to a reduction in epilepsy related death and accidents
  • Improve continuity/coordination of care, including the timely and smooth transition to adult services

Page last updated on November 30th, 2017

Service delivered in: Barnsley