Adult learning disability intensive support team

The specialist assessment and intervention service is made up of a team of health professionals who work in Calderdale. The service provides psychological assessment and treatment in community settings for adults with learning disabilities who have additional emotional and behavioural difficulties. These difficulties may be hard to treat within mainstream mental health and learning disability services.

The team works with adults with learning disabilities whose distress levels may be causing serious risk and consequences to themselves or others. We use a number of psychological models to understand the reasons for their challenging behaviour and emotional distress.

Our team works with families, carers and a range of partners to create individualised ‘positive behaviour support plans’ and strategies to increase quality of life and ensure safety. Our work may include sessions to learn about behaviour and the use of restrictive physical intervention.

Why would someone choose the service

We provide individualised care and support for everyone accessing our service. By working closely with service users and carers we ensure that we provide the necessary practical and emotional support throughout their care.

Staff you may meet

  • Nurse
  • Specialist advisor

Page last updated on September 27th, 2017

Service delivered in: Calderdale