Adult psychological therapies service (Wakefield)

The adult psychological therapies service offers psychological therapy to people who are experiencing severe, complex and long-standing psychological and mental health difficulties. Their difficulties may be related to events in their life such as physical health problems, relationship difficulties, bereavement or loss.

The service is provided to people aged 18 and above who require secondary care (specialist) services due to the complex nature of the difficulties they face.

As the people we see often have specialist needs we offer approaches which are tailored to the needs of the service user, drawing on evidence based practice and practice based evidence to support greater understanding and self-management. Support is offered on both an individual and group level.

For some people, however, therapy is not what they want or are ready for. Therefore, as part of an assessment process, we often work with people and ask them about their difficulties and develop a shared understanding of the challenges they have faced so we can support people to access the help they need.

We also offer consultation, support and training to our professional colleagues to support psychological thinking. In turn this helps to support the needs of the people they work with or people who use their services.

The adult psychological therapies service consists of three teams based at Castleford, Normanton and District Hospital, Fieldhead and Horbury Health Centre.

Why would someone choose the service

Our therapists will help you work at your own pace and always respect your wishes. Your care will be developed on an individual level and tailored to suit your needs. You will always be involved in the decision made about your care.

We regularly received positive feedback from service users who are highly satisfied with the care they have received.

Staff you may meet

  • Administrator
  • Other clinical staff
  • Psychologist
  • Therapist

Page last updated on January 11th, 2018

Service delivered in: Wakefield