About the redevelopment

Our redevelopment is significantly improving the current facilities at Newton Lodge.

The project involves demolishing and rebuilding on the existing Fieldhead site. The scheme began in 2011 and it’s been making fantastic progress; it is scheduled to be completed in August 2014.

The total investment is around £15 million, a significant investment for Wakefield, the local region and quality of care for local people.

Before our plans were submitted to the local authority we discussed them in detail with our staff and people who use our services and their carers. We were also keen to involve local residents, partners, businesses and anyone else who may have an interest in our plans.

We held three public meetings to showcase our plans for the redevelopment and answer any questions. These were attended by local residents, carers, staff, Members’ Council representatives and Trust members. We also invited local government, MPs, businesses, partner organisations, voluntary sector and regional development agencies. Many people took the opportunity to collect an information pack or view the information on this website and we received some very helpful comments which directly influenced several changes to our plans based on the feedback we received.

Why have we been redeveloping the site?

The need for change is driven by national, regional and local aims for delivering high quality care to individuals from the local area.

The redevelopment plans focussed on three key areas:

The reprovision of inpatient accommodation for male patients

The redevelopment plan means that our buildings will be a suitable environment in which to provide modern, safe, high quality mental health care. The existing buildings date back to 1984 and so require modernising and updating to bring them in line with other NHS facilities and make them fit for purpose. By rebuilding our facilities we will also be able to ensure our estate is meeting our targets for sustainability; protecting the environment and reducing our energy consumption.

Provision of a new centre for therapeutic activity

We have created a centre for therapeutic activity, further enhancing the quality of care we are able to provide. An improved, dedicated therapy centre helps us provide structured, person-centred activity for each individual we care for, aiding recovery.

Additional capacity for women who are currently treated outside the local area

We will expand our specialist women’s service; a service that has received national recognition. By increasing the number of beds by 10, it will mean that women who currently require this level of NHS care and have to receive it out of the local area, will be able to receive the care they need locally. This will ensure they are closer to their local communities, to their family and their friends.

Page last updated on May 19th, 2014