Considerate Contractor scheme

We are taking every opportunity to minimise the impact of our redevelopment and we welcome continued dialogue with our neighbours on how to do this.

Interserve [external site] are our ‘Procure 21 partners’. This means they are our principle partner on the scheme; employing any other contractors they need to use on the scheme, project managing the scheme, keeping it on time and to budget and being responsible for all subcontractors.

Interserve have registered our redevelopment under the Considerate Constructor scheme. Read more below.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a national initiative, set up by the construction industry to improve its image. Any work that could be construed by the general public as ‘construction’ can be registered with the Scheme.

Sites and companies that register with the Scheme are monitored against an eight point Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage performance beyond statutory requirements. The Code consists of the following eight sections:


Everyone affected by the project should be advised before work starts. Nuisance caused by deliveries, traffic and parking should be minimised. Diversions should be clearly signed with special attention paid to the needs of traders and those with sight, hearing and mobility difficulties.


The potential environmental and ecological effects of site operations should be identified and evaluated, with appropriate action taken to minimise all forms of pollution. Every effort should be made to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Materials should be obtained from sustainable sources, and local resources used where possible. The site should make a positive contribution to the natural environment.


The site should be doing all it can to create an image of which the industry can be proud. The site perimeter, the offices and all welfare facilities should be clean, tidy and well presented, and all materials stored neatly. Waste, rubbish and litter should not be allowed to accumulate. Dusty operations should be managed to prevent any inconvenience. Damage caused by graffiti should be repaired quickly.

Good Neighbour

The site should have a positive influence on the local community. The site manager should interact proactively with residents, businesses, schools, etc throughout the project to inform them about site activity and to pre-empt and avoid complaints. Any complaint should be logged and handled positively to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.


Everyone on site should help to create a positive image and maintain respectable and safe standards of dress and behaviour. Improper conduct and language should be subject to severe disciplinary action. Pride in the management and appearance of the site, its temporary facilities and the surrounding area should be shown at all times.


Systems should be in place so that construction work is carried out with care and consideration for the safety of the public as well as for those visiting and working on site. No site should be a security risk to others.


Considerate Constructors should be aware of their obligations to personnel, act in a professional and conscientious manner, and play a part in the development of the industry’s future workforce.


The site manager should promote the Scheme’s aim of ‘improving the image of construction’. Everyone associated with the site should understand and comply with the Site Code of Considerate Practice. The training and development needs for all on site should be identified and addressed.

Find out more about the scheme on the Considerate Contractors website.

Page last updated on July 4th, 2012