Creative Minds strategy

We introduced the Creative Minds strategy in 2011 and since then, we’ve supported staff, voluntary organisations and community groups to deliver creative activities as part of healthcare interventions.

Wired for wellbeing

The use of creative activities in healthcare can have a really big impact on a person’s wellbeing – whether that be increasing their self esteem so they feel confident to try new things, developing social skills as they meet new people or providing a sense of purpose as they are actively engaged in meaningful activity that has a structure and aim.

Where individuals have low expectations and poor self image, the sense of achievement found in creativity gives them a chance to start to move away from negative or self destructive patterns, habits and start to write a new story that promotes recovery.

Introducing the Creative Minds strategy was an opportunity for the Trust to commit to utilising creative approaches in our delivery of health services for local people. It has also helped to raise awareness of the opportunities available for individuals and groups to develop and grow creatively, with a little support from the Trust.

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Since we first launched Creative Minds in 2011, we’ve developed some fantastic partnerships that are really helping us to deliver a service offer to local people that helps them to reach their goals.

We all have something inside of us that responds to creativity; this may be through sport, dance, art or writing. Because we are all different and respond to different things, as an organisation, we need to make sure we can offer a wide range of activities that appeal to our diverse communities. Creative Minds is a framework that allows us to do just that.

Steven Michael, Chief executive