What is creative activity?

If you asked 10 people what creativity meant to them – you would probably get 10 different answers . It means different things to different people and can be defined in lots of different ways.

Equine therapy For the purposes of the Creative Minds Strategy, the Trust has defined creativity in the broadest sense to take into account not only the contribution of the arts, but also participation in sports and other physical, therapeutic and leisure activities that can promote health and wellbeing.

Creativity in our Trust defines anything that uses a creative approach to achieve better health outcomes.


Rock climbing

Examples of creative activity taking place in the Trust include:

  • Digital photography
  • Dance therapy
  • Life story work
  • Music groups and DJing
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Horticulture and gardening
  • Visits from performing artists
  • Walking groupsHorticultural therapy
  • Woodwork and joinery
  • Archery
  • Art groups
  • Drama
  • Football
  • Exhibitions
  • Creative writing
  • Sculpture and modelling
  • Cricket
  • Knitting and sewingArt for Wellbeing 3