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“It was great to be greeted by a friendly face as soon as we arrived. These events are so daunting at the best of times and my nervous distress and anxiety was greatly diminished when I discovered an ally at the front door. You make a big difference in all of our lives and I think that your influence is bigger than you can ever imagine. The launch of your Center Of Excellence is going to dramatically transform attitudes and stigma as well as empower many more people to drive your field of work forwards. Influencers, champions, thought leaders and ambassadors for non-pharmacological interventions now finally have a specialist resource they can access in your project. It is incredibly encouraging to know that your work will have a base from which to extend and develop practitioners.”

Larry Gardiner, Trustee at Oxfordshire Advocacy

“The new Centre of Excellence is warmly welcomed by practitioners and researchers alike. As a researcher interested in dementia, my work benefits from the excellent networking already undertaken by Dr Richard Coaten since his Churchill Fellowship in 2010. His network acts to bring together an international community interested in the development of an evidence based approach to clinical practice, the sharing of good practice and dissemination of research findings. I look forward to seeing how having a centre will enrich and develop this valuable work.”

Bonnie Meekums, Lecturer at University of Leeds and Fellow, Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy

“In the workshop, movement, rhythm and props made the learning experience exhilarating as well as educational. We were skilfully enabled to experience different ways of communicating with each other, both verbally and non-verbally. My ‘vocabulary’ thus expanded, increases my skill base for working with people with communication difficulties. Thoroughly inspired by this workshop, I will continue to develop my skills using movement to enhance memory and incorporate these into my practice as a psychotherapist with a specialism in dementia.”

Sheila Green, Moving to Longevity course

“I really enjoyed looking at the Centre of Excellence website. It is ambitious, offering many ideas, resources and a hub for learning, sharing ideas, networking and disseminating good practice. I am sure it is going to be used extensively by health professionals and others who want to incorporate movement and dance activities within their work practice, especially when working with people who have dementia and with those who care for them. Well done Richard for taking this important work forward. I wish the Centre’s continuing development every success.”

Jackie Richards, Founder/Manager Creative Dance60+ and work-based doctorate student researching ‘Active Older People Participating in Creative Dance’.

I’ve had a wonderful, inspiring year since attending your dance day at Deda last year. I’ve attended events which have been life changing, including the Campaign to End Loneliness events at Worcester, MICRA in Manchester, Nottingham arts event and the more academic conference in Warwick. All this is because of the connections I’ve made through the information that you have posted. This has made my life and work more fulfilling and has been an advantage to my work with ‘patients’.

Alison Foster