Portrait of a Life e-learning resources

Innovative solution for effective life story work

We are delighted to offer a ground breaking and innovative solution to support the delivery of life story work which is accessible 24hours, 365 days a year from any PC or tablet, anywhere in the world!

The aim of Portrait of a Life e-learning resources is to provide an understanding of life story work via three online e-modules that support family carers and care staff to undertake individualised life story work across a wide variety of communities and care settings.

The focus is on a person-centred approach, providing the knowledge and understanding of life story work required to support practical application for each individual.

The resources feature contributions from those living with a diagnosis of dementia, family carers, experts in the field of dementia and staff working with older people in a variety of different settings.

Feedback we’ve received

Portrait of a Life e-learning resources have been clinically tested and the results showed lots positive outcomes for service users, which included:

  • improved engagement
  • reduced behaviours that challenge
  • more meaningful care planning

These positive psychological effects on service users were also witnessed during direct observation of the implementation of POAL activities. The research also evidenced that there are many benefits to be gained for staff from undertaking the POAL e-learning and utilising e-resources. Benefits included building confidence to communicate effectively and support individuals living with dementia.