How to purchase – Buy and Play options

The Elearning modules are available to be purchased and played as a single license per user or as a group of licences (for example for use in a care home). Module 1 : £25 plus VAT (can be purchased as a separate stand alone module) Modules 2 and 3 : £25 plus VAT each (can’t be purchased as separate modules) If modules 1,2 and 3 are purchased altogether then discount of £15 plus VAT so total cost will be £60 plus VAT instead of £75 plus VAT. Module 1 must be purchased first before modules 2 and 3. Modules 2 and 3 come as a joint purchase and cannot be purchased as individual modules. Register and obtain an Elearning account

Looking for an introduction or want a taste of life story work?

Module 1 can be purchased as a stand-alone module, complete with a certificate of learning to show that this module has been completed. Register and obtain an Elearning account

Wanting to buy and play via cheque/invoice?

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