Aims of research and development

The R&D department has seven aims which will drive research activity, improve recruitment and bring more research funding over the next five years which are:

  • Culture
    To develop and sustain a vibrant Trust research culture to inform and improve clinical practice, embedding R&D as a core business of the Trust
  • Focus
    To focus on high quality research activity in key important areas that meet local community needs. This will build multi-disciplinary research expertise, experience and reputation that is nationally competitive.
  • Engagement
    Increasing staff awareness and participation in R&D activity through recognition of staff research time within existing roles and R&D engagement with staff.
  • Partnerships
    Strengthening existing collaborations with Higher Education Institutions (HEI), NHS and Social Care organisations, West Yorkshire Comprehensive Local Research Network (WYCLRN) and commercial sponsors. Develop new partnerships with a organizations across Barnsley andSheffield, including NHS, Social Care, HEI, South Yorkshire CLRN and new Topic Specific Research Networks (TSRN)
  • Patient/service user and carer involvement
    Promote patient/service user and carer (SU&C) involvement is all stages of the research process through Direct Impact research advisory group and SU&C approval panel.  This promotes more ethically sound research that is focused on the needs of SU&C.
  • Management and governance
    Provide research governance review and approval processes for NHS permission of all Trust research in line with relevant legislation, policy and guidance
  • Capacity
    Develop R&D capacity across the Trust by increasing the number of: research active staff, funding bids, training opportunities, research projects, and participants recruited to studies.

Further details can be found in the R&D strategy (DOC).