Older People’s Mental Health Services – Transformation

The trust is currently working towards transforming our Older People’s Mental Health Services. Our Vision for these services is:

  • Older People will have a more meaningful, healthy and independent life in their community
  • Physical health, mental health and social care needs are met
  • Joined up care in a safe and supportive environment
  • Independence throughout the patient journey, including over admission and discharge
  • Services are responsive and accessible
  • The needs of carers and families will be central to all that we do
  • Services will be tailored, culturally aware and sensitive

The transformation will focus on both community and in-patient (hospital) services and objectives of the Transformation are:

  • To ensure we have safe, person centred, needs led services that provides specialist care to older people and their families
  • To be more equitable and consistent across the trust footprint, based on the needs of the population and evidence based practice
  • To ensure sustainable services that are responsive to predicted demographic changes
  • More focus on prevention and health and wellbeing in partnership with Local Authorities, Primary Care and the Third Sector; this may include development of new partnerships and should include alignment to Vanguard Projects, Care Closer to Home, and Multi-Speciality Community Providers (MSCP) contracts.
  • Maximise the use of technology
  • Support securing business through partnerships, avoiding competitive processes where possible
  • To ensure that the Trust is able to more effectively demonstrate outcomes for service users
  • Services should be more efficient, demonstrate value for money and transformation should generate both cashable and non-cashable efficiencies
  • Transformation should strengthen the relationship with physical healthcare providers
  • Community services should be remodelled as needed to ensure they have the capacity and capability to reduce hospital admission
  • The workforce should be modelled to meet the needs of the local population, to deliver the best possible flexibility, efficiency and skill mix, both in the community and in inpatient services

As part of our transformation for older people’s services we held several events in May 2017. The events included service users, carers and partner organisations who shared their opinions and ideas. The feedback from the events can be found below

OPS engagement spring events 2017 feedback.