Service users and carers

Thousands of people use our NHS services every year and they are given specific information about their service, condition or medication by the people who provide their care.

In this web section we have aimed to provide other useful information about using our services, including how to access our services, as well as how to ensure you can be involved in your care and the work of the Trust.

We are also committed to keeping carers and families who use our services informed and hope that information in this section is helpful.There is also information about our approach to care planning, confidentiality, visiting and what to bring if you need to spend some time in one of our hospitals.

If you are looking for information on something that we haven’t covered please let us know and we will be happy to help.

What’s in a name?

We know that people who use our services prefer to be referred to in many different ways.

Throughout our site we tend to refer to ‘service users’ as this is the most agreed upon term.

So, wherever you see this term it also covers patients, clients, service participants, inpatients, residents etc.

Above all, we just like the term ‘people’.