Infection control

The Trust’s infection prevention and control team provide advice, information and support to patients, carers, members of the public and our staff about infection control issues.

The team promote high standards of infection control practice to minimise, prevent and control the spread of infection.

We ask that any visitors to the Trust follow these simple steps to ensure we can continue to provide clean, safe, care.

Hand hygiene

When entering or leaving buildings including hospital wards and clinics, please use alcohol gels (where provided) to clean your hands.

This hand washing video shows effective hand hygiene practices

The Trust is part of the Clean your hands campaign – which aims to encourage patients and visitors to ask staff if they think they have not washed their hands.

Inpatients – We ask that patients wash their hands before eating and after visiting the bathroom. In ward areas ask for assistance to wash your hands if you are unable to move around.

If possible please bring in your own toiletries. Please do not share or borrow these from other patients. Find out more about what to do when staying on a ward.

Visitors – If you have diarrhoea, vomiting, a rash or flu this may pose a high risk to patients on the ward so please do not visit. If you are unsure whether you can visit or not please ring the ward or the infection prevention and control team using the contact details below for advice.

Please also remember to:

  • Use chairs provided rather than sit on a patients’ bed
  • Please use toilets provided for visitors only
  • Do not touch patient’s bandages, wounds or medical equipment
  • Maintain cleanliness of your environment and personal hygiene
  • Use tissues if you have a cough or cold
  • If you have diarrhoea or vomiting you should avoid contact with others and wash your hands with soap and water rather than an alcohol gel, which may not be effective

Further information is also available in these leaflets