Existing staff

The Trust is committed to keeping staff at all levels informed, involved and able to influence the development of the organisation and its services. We have various ways of doing this including a comprehensive intranet (internal website). Staff can view the Trust intranet but this will only work if you are logged on to an NHS networked computer. As well as accessing information via the intranet staff can also access some systems from home including the following:


The Trust’s Webmail system is designed to be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and Internet Explorer installed that is not on the NHS network. Please be aware that the NHS code of connection, network security and patient confidentiality rules still apply when connected to webmail. Please follow this guide to accessing Webmail. Access to Webmail is only available to Trust with a Trust email account and who have been given authorisation by their manager and completed an IT authorisation form. Please speak to your line manager or the IT team for advice. Staff are reminded that all email use should adhere to the guidelines set out in the email policy, which is designed to ensure proper use of the Trust’s email system and to make its users aware of what the Trust deems as acceptable and unacceptable use.


E-Rostering systems are an electronic way of efficiently managing when staff work.  They enable managers to define the number of staff required on each shift and to specify the skill-mix and competencies required. MAPS, the Trust’s e-Rostering system, comes with an employee self-service facility.  All ward based staff are given a user name and password to allow them to request a day off; ask to work a particular shift or to apply for annual leave.  It shows them how much leave they’ve already taken or have planned and allows them to view their electronic timesheet before it is interfaced with payroll. All e-Rostering users, both substantive and bank staff, can access the Employee Online system from home using the following link: https://eoi-swy.bright-cloud.net/EmployeeOnlineHealth/LIVE The e-Rostering team have provided documentation to explain how to access the system from home and how to use the system to request shifts, days off, annual leave, study leave, indicate availability for bank shifts and view submitted timesheets.

If you have forgotten your Employee Online password, or have been locked out, please follow the How To Reset Your Employee Online Password guide. If you have further issues please contact your unit e-Rostering team or, if you are bank staff, please contact the Bank Office. More information about e-Rostering is available on the Trust intranet


Existing staff

Trust staff can access e-learning from outside the NHS or from another location such as home (known as remote access). Read the user guide for  remote access. You must first login in to your e-learning account at work or via VPN token and click on ‘request internet access’. Please allow 24hours for the authorisation to be processed. You can then access your e-learning via the remote access login from any PC or tablet with internet access.

Working with the Trust

If you are not directly employed by the Trust (on secondment, contractor, volunteer, student, work in joint team etc) but would like to access e-learning courses read the guide to know how to  access, enroll and play the courses available. More information about e-learning is available on the Trust’s intranet.


The Trust’s e-expenses system (EASY) can now be accessed from home or from non-Trust sites. This means that staff based in council buildings can now access the system from their workplace. If you have forgotten your e-expenses username, password or security word, please contact the IT service desk on 01226 644040.  If you have any other queries regarding e-expenses please visit the e-expenses home page, which includes system guides and video demonstrations.