One in 10 young people in secondary school are being bullied and there are lots of people and organisations out there to help you.

Some young people accept bullying as a way of life and try to carry on despite this cruel behaviour, but trying to ignore it doesn’t always work. The first and best way of working towards stopping the bullying is to tell someone you trust – what about a teacher, parent, carer or friend? You’ll feel so much better once you have talked to someone about it – talking about it is the first step to sorting it out.

Try to ignore the person bullying you. They are deliberately trying to upset you, so if they see it’s not working, they will give up sooner or later. If you can, try and stay in a group and avoid going places by yourself, that way you are not such an easy target.

If you stand tall, your body language tells everyone that you are confident – even if you are scared inside! If you cower in a corner, you’re an easy target for bullies. Also try shouting as loudly as possible – the bullies won’t want to draw attention to themselves.

Keep a diary of what happens, who was involved, when it was and what they did. If you do talk to someone about your situation you can show them this – sometimes it’s easier to show someone written evidence, as talking about it can be upsetting.

Remember that it is not your fault and most bullies have their own hang-ups and problems. It is often these frustrations that make a bully do what they do – but that is no excuse for making you feel uncomfortable.

Things will get better. You’ve just got to find the courage to tell someone. Don’t let the bullies win.

Compiled from www.connexions-direct.com.