“It’s important that we are seen often and make everyone feel safe” – National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day 2022


Wednesday 15 June is National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day, recognising the essential work of estates and facilities staff in keeping healthcare settings running safely and smoothly. To mark the day, senior security officer Matt Doyle shared more about his role and how it makes a difference to both staff and service users.

“My name is Matt, and I’m one of the senior security officers based in estates and facilities at Fieldhead in Wakefield.

“I enjoy the many varied tasks we carry out from day to day. I’m lucky that I can visit any site in the area and each has its own concerns and dilemmas. I usually start my day by checking emails to see if any incidents or problems have occurred during the previous day or night. I then patrol the site at Fieldhead to make sure everything is OK and sometimes chat with service users or staff.

“Most days I head out to visit other sites to check in with staff that they have no issues. If they do, I make a report and forward it to the relevant team. I also answer and deal with any security issues that arise during the day, and I may be called to help staff with potentially violent patients. I always have CCTV on covering most sites and I support managers or the Police with providing footage.

“I work with the team on duties such as site assessments and taking loan devices to sites around the South/West Yorkshire area. I look after and support staff with a wide range of issues from parking to bank transfers and much more.

“I enjoy working on my own and also with my teammates. I get to talk with service users about a wide range of subjects and the more I see them the more approachable I become. I like to get out and about which means this is the perfect job for me. It’s great to patrol around Fieldhead, particularly in the gardens, and it helps to get my steps in!

“My main role is to support any and all staff in as many ways as possible. If staff need assistance with a service user I’m always happy to help. Staff can book the security team in advance to help with service users who have a history of violence or certain situations where we need to be present.

“Staff can call the security team regarding anything from packages to paraphernalia, smashed windows, smoking, to youths on roofs, theft, criminal damage, physical and non-physical assaults and any and all security concerns. Literally anything can happen at any time! Staff can call for advice on any matter and I like the staff to know we are here to help.

“It’s important to me that service users feel safe and free to move around the site if they can and feel able to approach me and chat if they want. I recognise that some people are just happy to be left alone and others want some interaction – either way, I’m happy to oblige.

“We protect vulnerable and high risk-service users by working with and taking advice from very experienced ward staff. I always put the person first by listening, showing compassion and having empathy. I am always respectful, professional and honest and it’s important for me that service users see this.

“It’s important to me that we are seen often and make everyone feel safe. From staff to service users and family and friends, I want everyone to know that when they call that we act and support promptly. I understand that I am a small part of a huge machine that is here to provide care for everyone across the Trust and I am committed to the vision, values and mission of the Trust.”

“It’s important that we are seen often and make everyone feel safe” – National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day 2022

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