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Membership strategy

As a foundation trust we are accountable to our members – local people who have joined our organisation because they take an interest in what we do, our staff are also members. In April 2017, the members’ council approved a refreshed membership strategy.

This strategy takes into account the huge potential to empower people in local communities to influence services through effective involvement and working together, recognising communities have a lot to offer and can add value to the local delivery of health care. The strategy sets out our ambition over 2017-2020 to effectively communicate, engage and involve our membership. The strategy sets out three high level objectives which are relevant to all stakeholder groups:

  1. We will build and maintain membership numbers to meet our annual plan targets, ensuring membership is representative of the population the Trust serves.
  2. We will communicate effectively and engage with our public members and our staff members, maintaining a two-way dialogue and encouraging more active involvement.
  3. We will develop an effective and inclusive approach to give our public members and our staff members a voice and opportunities to contribute to the organisation, our services, and plans for the future.

An update on the work to progress the Membership Strategy is reported annually at the Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM).

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