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We delivered safe care and achieved key targets

Significant achievements have been made in reducing harm during 2018/19:

New pressure ulcers that are attributable to our care and avoidable reduced by 74%. Our target was a 50% reduction.

Inpatient falls reduced by 36%. Our target was 15%. Inpatient falls resulting in moderate/severe harm or death reduced by 21%. Our target was 10%.

Moderate harm and above to patients in incidents that resulted in restraint reduced by 71%. Our target was 30%.

Unintended missed doses of medication reduced by 8%.

We achieved targets set by our regulators and commissioners. At the end of 2018/19 we reported the following:

In mental health services:

  • 87% of people experiencing a first episode of psychosis were treated within two weeks of referral
  • 97%  of patients on care programme approach were followed up within seven days
  • 94% of service uses in crisis were assessed within four hours.

We met key targets around improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT):

  • 92% of referrals had a waiting time for treatment of less than 6 weeks
  • 99% of referrals had a waiting time for treatment of less than 18 weeks
  • 53% of  service users moved to recovery

In community services:

  • 99% of people were seen within 6 weeks for diagnostic procedures
  • 99% of patients waiting for treatment at the end of March 19 from a ‘referral to treatment applicable’ general community service had been waiting less than 18 weeks

Our most recent friends and family test results show that 99% of staff would recommend community services and 95% would recommend mental health services.

We also exceeded our own internal targets, including 75% of front line staff being vaccinated against flu.

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