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Your child’s appointment

The first appointment

At your first appointment, the therapist will talk to you about your concerns. The therapist will ask you about your child’s early development, your pregnancy and the birth, milestones, early sounds, first words and sentences, and eating and drinking. First appointments will last approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

When you come to your first appointment we need to know if you are happy for us to share information about your child:

  • We use a computer system called SystmOne.
  • We record information about you and your child
  • We can share this record with other NHS staff who see your child (e.g. GP, health visitor)
  • We will ask you, “Are you happy for this record to be seen by other NHS staff who see your child?”
  • We will also ask you, “Are you happy for me to see their records? I can only do this if you’ve agreed with them first.”

The therapist will spend some time playing or talking with your child. Tell your child that they are coming to play some games and books rather than to talk to a therapist.  They could bring a small toy or book to share with the therapist.

At the end of the appointment, the therapist may say:

  • There are no concerns about your child’s communication skills and you do not need any more appointments. Your child will be discharged and we will write to you and the referrer
  • They would like to do some more assessment before they decide if your child needs any help with their speech, language or communication skills. You will be offered another appointment with the therapist.
  • They think your child would benefit from some appointments to help them with their speech, language or communication skills.  We call this an episode of care.  You will be offered further appointments with the therapist.

What  happens next?

An episode of care means that we will:

  • Assess your child and find out what they need to practice
  • Decide what they need to practice first.  Most children do better if we only pick 1 or 2 things at a time
  • Help them to do the practice
  • Show you how to practice this with your child
  • Your child may need only one or two appointments in their episode of care.  Some children may need lots of appointments over a period of time

 You will need to:

  • Practise any activities your therapist give you at home
  • You will need to practise with your child frequently. Your therapist will tell you how often you need to practice.
  • If you don’t practise, therapy will not work and we will discharge you. You can refer again when you can come to therapy and do the practice

Sometimes we will:

  • Ask other people to help e.g. school. We may see staff in school and show them how to help.
  • Give training to you and other professionals
  • Refer your child to other professional

We will discharge your child when everyone knows how to do the practice. We will tell you:

  • Why your child does not need any more appointments with a therapist.
  • If they may need to continue practise at home and/or in school
  • When and how to refer again

When we discharge, we send a discharge report.

  • This will say why we are discharging you
  • We send it to the person who referred, to you and to other people who work with your child
  • You can tell us who to send it to
  • If you don’t come, we have to send out a discharge report to people involved with your child

What if I need to cancel an appointment

  • If you can’t come you should phone us to cancel. However please keep in mind that if you cancel a lot we will discharge you.
  • To cancel your appointment, ring our main office on 01226 644331 or email
  • Please ensure that you leave a message if we are not able to answer your call.  Please give your child’s full name, your name and your telephone number.

What happens if I forget to take my child to an appointment?

  • If you do not attend your appointment and have not called us to let us know,  we will discharge your child. You can request a re-referral. We will ask you to make a commitment to come to appointments.

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