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Community speech and language therapy services

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We assess, diagnose and provide therapy for people with communication and/or swallowing difficulties. We do this in clinics, peoples’ own homes and care homes.

What do speech and language therapy do?

We aim to improve a person’s ability to communicate on a day to day basis. We hope to increase an individual’s independence and maximise their abilities wherever possible.

We also help people to manage any swallowing difficulties they may have and aim to enable them to continue to eat and drink safely. Difficulties can include coughing or a gurgly voice after eating or drinking, feeling of food or drink sticking in the throat, or repeated unexplained chest infections.

Who do we work with?

We work with people with communication and/or swallowing difficulties caused by a variety of conditions. These include stroke, stammering, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia, and respiratory problems such as COPD.

What will happen?

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Communication difficulties

Services are provided at Barnsley Hospital, your own home or a care home (including intermediate care beds).

Following an individual assessment, we will work with you to agree on achievable goals. We will also agree your treatment plan which will include times/dates of future appointments and the length of your treatment

Swallowing difficulties

Assessment can take place in an outpatient clinic, at home or in a care home. Following an individual assessment, we will work with you to agree on a course of action. Sometimes changing the textures of food or the thickness of drinks may be helpful in managing your swallowing problem, but we will advise you on this. It may also be necessary for you to have follow-up appointments or for us to refer you on for more tests.

What can’t the service provide?

We cannot treat anyone under the age of 16 years

Also, if you have recently been discharged from the speech and language therapy service then a re-referral may not be appropriate at this time. Please speak to us directly or to your GP.

How can I get referred to the service?

Speak to your GP about being referred to our service. Referrals are also accepted from nurses, care homes and other health professionals.

You can also refer yourself:

Communication difficulties

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You are welcome to contact us directly, or your representative can. Just give us a call.

Swallowing difficulties

You are welcome to contact us directly, or your representative can, and we will also usually contact your own doctor before we see you.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

When the referral is received, the speech and language therapist will contact you so we can assess how urgently you need to be seen.

Communication difficulties

The wait may depend on how the difficulty is affecting you and whether you have seen a speech and language therapist before.

Swallowing difficulties

If you need an urgent swallowing assessment we will aim to do this within 2 working days.

If you cannot attend your appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment please contact us as soon as possible on 01226 644296.

If you do not keep your appointment we will contact you to arrange another. However, if you do not respond you may be discharged and we will need a new referral before we can see you again.

Letting us know if you are going to miss an appointment as soon as possible makes the best use of NHS resources and gives us the opportunity to offer your appointment to another person, so we appreciate your co-operation.

Contact us

The Lodge
Kendray Hospital
Doncaster Road
S70 3RD

Telephone: 01226 644296

The above information is also available to download in our Barnsley Speech Therapy leaflet.

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