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Specialist community falls service

falls and bones health group South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The specialist community falls service provides high quality falls assessments, interventions and advice to people living in their own homes or care homes. Assessments are timely and comprehensive and are delivered at a location most suited to the patient – for example in their own home rather than in a clinical setting.

The service aims to prevent falls from occurring, where possible, by training staff in the use of tools and assessment to minimise the impact of a fall and to offer advice and appropriate managing techniques for those who have already fallen.

What do we do?

The specialist community falls service offers assessment and therapy in a variety of settings across Barnsley.

Our staff have the knowledge and skills to provide excellent outcomes and recovery and offer various modes of therapy delivery including individual treatment, fall prevention and exercise programmes

How do I refer to the service?

We accept referrals from

  • Patients(self-referral)
  • A&E
  • Allied health professionals
  • Carers/family
  • Consultants
  • GPs
  • Local authority staff

To find out more please contact the team.

Contact us

Falls and Bone Health Service
Mapplewell Health Centre
276 Darton Lane
S75 6AJ

Telephone: 01226 645428

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