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African drumming project

Working in partnership with Wakefield Djembe Circle, staff working in the Trust’s forensic service at Newton Lodge have introduced African drumming sessions.

Delivered through two one hourly sessions regularly, service users have the opportunity to take part in a group session on the ward and a smaller group session in the library. Learning the basic techniques of drumming, warm-up exercises and activities to improve coordination skills, the sessions are lively, stimulating and interesting for everyone taking part.

Through the sessions, the occupational therapy team who support service users in the Forensic service, hope to:

  • Introduce and offer people the opportunity to experience a new creative activity
  • Bring together people of all backgrounds, experiences and abilities to learn
  • Offer an opportunity to build interaction skills regardless of musical ability
  • Share and develop new skills
  • Experience a group learning environment that is fun and pleasurable
  • Create a positive connection between peers
  • Experience how music can have a positive impact on mental health
  • Enable people to reach their potential
  • Demonstrate that everyone is an artist

Taking part in the group is also an opportunity to bring service users together, working in partnership with a group and sharing in the positive, fun experience.

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