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Growing Works carers’ breaks

This project will use an outdoor environment to engage cared for adults alongside the carer providing the opportunity for peer support and time out from the pressures of caring while spending enjoyable time with their loved one.

It will provide meaningful garden related social activity that supports mental and physical wellbeing. It will give carers an environment to spend quality, enjoyable time those being cared for -improving their relationship, reducing their isolation and enabling carers to manage their mental wellbeing.

The project also creates opportunities for community volunteering, especially those with mental or physical conditions.

The project will:

  • Create cheerful, productive, welcoming sessions with participants being involved in the planning of the session
  • Provide an environment to learn new knowledge and skills from each other and learn about capabilities
  • Create an avenue to have a listening ear from other carers who understand the challenges being faced
  • Allow carers to engage socially, creating a sense of belonging and an opportunity to build friendships
  • Create a range of activities that appeal to different interests and abilities
  • Provide indoor space for inclement weather and those sensitive to the cold
  • Provide a separated, quiet space for carers to talk to each other, gain support from volunteers or for time out

Benefits of the project:

  • The project is able to offer at risk groups – carers, over 55s, people with medical conditions, isolated older people, people with dementia – opportunities to take part in physical activity
  • Working on an allotment is excellent physical exercise and a good workout for the body
  • Physical contact with crumbly earth, fragile plants, tender roots, and strong healthy vegetables plays to people’s senses
  • Learning the importance of what plants need to thrive helps develop an awareness of self-care
  • Undertaking valid tasks aids a sense of achievement and value for participants and volunteers
  • Provides the opportunity for peer support and working

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