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Improving wellbeing at Enfield Down

Starting in April 2013, this project will allow staff at Enfield Down in Huddersfield to increase the number of wellbeing activities available for service users currently resident at the rehabilitation unit. This will include introducing regular walking groups, tai chi classes and monthly sporting events at venues in the local community such as golf, ten pin bowling and swimming.

Funds from Creative Minds will help to buy equipment for the activities including golf clubs, table tennis bats, swimming equipment, bike hire and pay for hire fees at local venues as well as transport to and from events.

The additional funds will buy equipment that people can keep as their own. This will allow people to carry on with the activity after they have left the service, allowing them to maintain their physical fitness levels and making the transition to living within the community easier.

Taking part in this project will bring a number of benefits to service users including boosting physical activity levels which will help to reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart attack and improving mental wellbeing through being engaged in motivating, competitive activities. There will also be opportunities for service users to interact with local environments, community venues and public services, which will help to build their confidence in their abilities as they widen their experiences.

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