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Indian rhythm trail

Indian rhythm trail is an enthusiastic initiative from Annapurna that has been designed to help people feel positive and confident by taking part in activities that introduce culture and heritage of Asian communities through dance, movement, stories, and healthy food.

Our well researched and imaginative workshops are open to all in Calderdale including those with mental health issues and learning disabilities and they aim to help improve health and wellbeing and inject new perspectives in people’s thinking.

At Annapurna Indian dance we have a proven track record of grassroots work within the community. Our main strength as a company is that we have an excellent team of specialist Indian artists, dancers, musicians and storytellers who are well experienced in community work and who work with sincerity and passion.

Each workshop that we hold is tailored to suit the interests and abilities of each group we work with. We select and match different activities, for example in one workshop we could introduce hand gestures of Indian classical dance with storytelling techniques using puppets and in another, it could be moving to simple rhythms to a popular and catchy Indian music along with singing.  For our young children’s group, we deliver actual training in traditional Asian dance.

Through the Indian rhythm trail project, we hope to help integrate the Asian arts into mainstream health strategy, bring artists and people together to create a vibrant and healthier society and provide equal opportunities for all that celebrates diversity at every stage.

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