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Labyrinth walking

A portable labyrinth has been purchased to help people who use services across the Trust. Its all-weather design means it can be used in different settings and walked by people wherever it is laid.

The idea of walking a labyrinth as a therapeutic activity is based on the idea of the journey of life and although the path twists and sometimes appears to go backwards, it eventually takes us to our goal. Walking the labyrinth is used for reflection, contemplation, meditation, mindfulness awareness, concentration and focus.

Evidence shows that stillness, silence and reflective mindfulness is beneficial for mental health, therefore the portable labyrinth offers the opportunity to boost wellbeing of patients, carers and staff.

Its portable design means it can be transported to different areas in the Trust to support a wide variety of spiritual activities, supported by the spiritual care team both indoor and outdoor. A member of the spiritual care team offers guidance and instruction on how to use the labyrinth and will support its use.

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