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Let’s Move at Batley Resource Centre

The Let’s Move pilot project is a partnership between Batley Resource Centre and the Trust together with Kirklees Local Authority and PCT.  Kirklees Local Authority has match funded the project.

This pilot is a complete house moving and on-going package for older people experiencing dementia, memory loss and other health conditions.

Providing companionship and support through the use of Batley Resource Centre volunteers will minimise the stress of moving and help people to settle into their new home and community.

The volunteer will work alongside them before, during the move, and then support them to make new friends and become involved in their new community by signposting and making introductions.

Volunteers will help to view properties, assist with completing documentation, arranging removal and disposal of surplus furniture, shopping for new fittings and furnishings, accompanying them on moving day, reading meters etc., writing to inform people of change of address, helping to unpack and learn how things work in their new home, settle into the new surroundings by taking them to find essential services such as Dr, PO, corner shop, bus stop and routes and then accompany them to new social activities and give them confidence to feel part of the community.

Clients will benefit from a supported service/companion to help them through what can be a traumatic experience. Older people will have the confidence that they can make a house move which will potentially help them to have a better way of life.

It is hoped that this project will become a social enterprise and ultimately become self-sustaining.

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