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Moving through Film

The Moving through Film project will take a group of people with learning disabilities on a creative journey through the history of film. The project is led by two theatre practitioners and a cinematographer who guide the group in exploring a variety of styles and techniques that have developed through the history of film. The group will use these ideas to then create their own film

Through this project, we will support people with learning disabilities to develop their artistic talents, develop their interaction skills through participation in a creative activity with others and support them to make creative decisions. The project is also an opportunity to celebrate people’s skills, abilities and achievements.

Our aims at CoActive are to:

  •  create a space where the unique humanity, value and potential of each person with learning disabilities is recognised, celebrated and developed
  • develop the skills, talents and honour achievements of people with learning disabilities through public performance, exhibition, training
  • promote awareness and respect the value and creativity of people with learning disabilities

These aims underpin every project that CoActive delivers. We are entirely user-led, set up by a group of people with learning disabilities for the benefit of people with learning disabilities. A steering group of people with learning disabilities inform every project that is delivered and every session has an ethos of collaboration in the creative process.

This project, as with all our projects, provides trained and experienced arts practitioners to partner the group in reaching their potential. We communicate closely with care providers in order that this project will feed in to and enrich the individual’s lives as a whole. The skills that the participant accrues over the course of the project will help them develop in the future.

Who is this project for?

For adults with learning disabilities.

How do I access this project? 

People are free to self-refer or be referred from carers, GP’s, Support workers or CPN’s simply contact Jody Gabriel  on 07954 391043 or

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