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Music and photography

This project gives service users on Trinity 1, a specialist mental health unit, the chance to take part in photography and creating music. The project aims to encourage the creativity and talent of service users by giving them the opportunity to take part in a meaningful activity.

Service users would explore different areas of the unit such as the garden and art room, to take photographs. These are then be downloaded to a computer where they can use special equipment to edit them and create a piece of artwork that could be displayed around the ward.

Service users will also be given the chance to use a music programme to create pieces of music. The programme, which is simple to use, gives service users’ an opportunity to put together various pieces of music and record songs. It gives them the chance to try something new that they may not have had the chance to experience beforehand. Once they have finished creating their music, it is then burned on to a disk for them to keep.

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