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Playful Memories

The Playful Memories project will engage the Wakefield community through a variety of arts activities, to share their memories and feelings about their experiences of play throughout their life to improve their sense of wellbeing.

Working with the Trust’s health and wellbeing development team in Wakefield to identify people to take part in this project, we aim to create an artistic representative of the groups collective memories which will go on display in Wakefield.

During each workshop, participants will be invited to share memories of play throughout their life, exploring and recording these using visual arts and crafts. These individual pieces will then be pulled together to create one artistic piece. The workshops are led by a local professional artist.

Through this project we aim to:

  • engage groups who would not normally get the opportunity to work with an artist
  • engage a group of older people in reminiscing about their experiences of play throughout their life
  • use the arts to engage and stimulate participants
  • encourage social interaction and discussion among participants
  • enable different community groups to come together through focusing on one topic using the arts
  • celebrate and share the experiences of the older generation

Beam is a charity dedicated to the imaginative understanding and improvement of the public realm through the arts. We haveĀ over 25 years experience of delivering high-quality public art projects.

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