Sickness and Attendance Policy

Document category: Trust wide policy

Document date: October 13, 2022

In order to provide high-quality care to service users and their carers, the organisation must also ensure that staff regularly attend work to provide the appropriate numbers, skill mix and experienced staff at work. High levels of absence can disrupt the provision of services, impact negatively on staff morale and have financial implications, causing stress in those workers covering for absent colleagues. The Trust aims to improve the wellbeing of staff and as a result, reduce the levels of sickness absence by identifying any staff health issues and any associated work environment aspect at an early stage.

This policy is a key element of the Trust’s Human Resources Strategy and it should be set in the context of a range of initiatives such as ‘Wellbeing at Work’, ‘Investors in People’ and flexible working that aim to improve the working environment for all Trust staff. The Trust is committed to ensure that staff benefit from a healthy, positive working environment where mutual respect and support is the norm.

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