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Expert Patients Programme

How EPP helped me

The Expert Patients Programme (EPP) has helped hundreds of people across Wakefield take control of their long-term condition and regain their confidence.

If you aren’t sure if the EPP is for you then take a look at some of the feedback previous participants have given us after completing the programme.

“Feeling much stronger, doing things I would not have dreamed of doing on my own.”

“The course has helped me understand my conditions more and find other ways of coping with ideas from other patients on the programme.” (Janice)

“The tutors were very friendly and professional.”

“Thank you so much for this course its been enjoyable to meet some nice people. I have enjoyed all the sessions with you.” (Denise)

“Listening to how other patients cope in a friendly atmosphere and made you feel that you are no longer alone.”

“I wasn’t 100% about the course but after a few times I found it good letting someone know all my problems.” (A. Layton)

“I feel that I am more confident to not let my pain and depression take control of my life. I am in control.”

“I have found the course useful in being able to plan ahead and use the information gained to make me feel better.” (Ann)

“Better coping with my illness, more understanding and less worry.”

“I found that certain parts of it really helped me. The group discussions helped because it gave me the opportunity to talk to people that are in a similar situation to me” (S. Belton)

“The tutors were amazing, made me feel so comfortable. They have done me the world of good.”

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