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Expert Patients Programme

Information for GPs

This page provides information for GPs and other health professionals who may be in a position to refer.

We are always happy to come and talk to your staff team and/or patient participation group about the benefits of EPP and the process.

We are also happy to run EPP at your practice.

If you have between 12 – 16 patients who could benefit and a room big enough to run the course then it’s a great addition to the services you can offer at your practice, just contact us to discuss.

Publicity materials

Self-management course leaflet

If you would like copies of our publicity materials, please contact us.

A GP’s point of view

Dr Phil Earnshaw South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“The benefits of EPP are very clear, we’re definitely creating better-educated patients and I think it leads to a more constructive dialogue.

As a doctor I see people that are better motivated and I see better controlled long term conditions.

I see people that are more positive about their long term condition, that understand it better, that know when things are going well and understand when things are going badly, they also understand how and when to best utilise the support of their doctor or nurse.

Sometimes it’s very depressing when you’re telling patients how to look after themselves and they don’t seem to respond. EPP, with many people, works far better – saying ‘look, this is affecting you, you’re in control, it’s your responsibility – we’re there to help and give you the support you need.’ And that seems to have a much more positive impact on patients and we have a much better and more constructive relationship as a result.

One little side effect is also that, evidence based and I have experienced it in practice, is that patients need to attend their doctor less.”

Dr Phil Earnshaw, Chair of Wakefield NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

How can EPP help you and your patients?

  • It’s a free service!
  • Supports patients in the care planning process by providing them with skills and tools they can use whatever their condition.
  • Provides you with somewhere else to refer your patients that can make a big difference.
  • Enables your patients to improve how they manage their conditions.
  • Patients get to hear, see and work with others with long-term conditions who are positive role models – volunteer tutors.
  • Provides something that could improve a patient’s quality of life.
  • It takes place in the local community.
  • Examples of feedback when asked

‘Have the two main problems that you stated about your condition before the course, changed in any way as a result of what you have learnt from the course?’

Pain More manageable
Changed my mindset
Panic attacks No longer get them when breathing is bad
Problems I now manage and deal with problems better
Coping better Feel lucky that I do not have as many symptoms as others on the course

Please contact us with any queries about EPP, the referral process or how we can help you.

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