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Charity ambassadors

Our EyUp! ambassadors are advocates for our charity. They give their time, energy and support to help us make a proper difference for those people in our services and local communities.

From helping raise awareness about what we do and supporting us in our fundraising, to using their many skills and talents to deliver creative therapies to those people (and their families and carers) who use our services – our ambassadors are bloomin’ fabulous.

Meet our ambassadors…

Ashley Jackson, has had an extremely distinctive and illustrious life in the world of art. Since opening his first gallery in Dodworth  back in 1963, he has become one of the country’s leading and most successful landscape watercolourists. His unique evocative and distinctive paintings of brooding moorlands have become synonymous with Yorkshire, and more particular the moors above and around his Gallery situated in the heart of the Pennines, Holmfirth.

Ashley says:

“I am proud to be an Ambassador for the EyUp! charity, supporting the South West Yorkshire communities I know and love.

EyUp! helps to lift people, boost recovery and create memories – from creative activity groups to trips or funding for community groups.

Those who know me will understand I am a passionate believer in the benefits creative activities can bring to people’s lives; for art has been my sanity and sanctuary at different points in my life.

I know that creativity means different things to people, research supports the use of creative activities in healthcare and has been shown to increase self-esteem, provide a sense of purpose, develop social skills, and improve individual’s quality of life. I think this is something we can all benefit from whether it be picking up a paint brush or studying the beauty of the landscape whilst out on a walk, we all need a release from everyday life. Art is inclusive and definitely has ‘all of us in mind.’

I can honestly say that Yorkshire and art have made me who I am so if I can use my experience to inspire others to assist those most in need, creating health and wellbeing, through art, I think we can all say EyUp to that! ”


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