Ey-Up Festive story windows

Complete the short form below to let us know you’d like to raise awareness of EyUp! NHS Charity whilst creating your very own interpretation of a Festive Story Window and register to receive your printable advertising poster, photo consent form and guidelines.

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All wards/teams taking part will receive £100 to fund a festive celebration during December. The money can only be used in service user areas. This could be used to fund a day trip out for service users, provide a party for service users and staff, organising a bingo event with prizes for service users, and arrange an activity for service users and staff. The money should be used to enhance the well-being of service users. Areas wishing to take part that don't work directly with service users will receive a token gift for participation instead of the £100 funding.).

all entries must be completed and images of the display submitted to eyup.charity@swyt.nhs.uk by the 16th of December.

Entries will be posted on the EyUp social media channels. Please note we only require images of the display.
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