Terms and conditions

1)The lottery is a small lottery, fulfils the conditions for a small society lottery and is administered under the terms of the Gambling Act 2005.

The lottery is wholly for the benefit of the Trust’s Charity, a non-commercial society. The conduct of the lottery is regulated by the Charitable Funds Committee.

2) Players must be over 16 years of age.  Payments can be made by payroll deduction, debit/credit card, standing order or cheque.  Payment must be received to be eligible for that month’s draw.  No prize shall be paid or delivered to any person other than the person to whom the winning number was allocated.

3) Members may join the lottery at any time. Joining the lottery will be affected by completing a written application form or online form.  Withdrawal will be by one month’s written notification, or on ceasing to be employed by the Trust. Members must have paid the full amount due in any month to be eligible for that month’s draw. Where any member ceases to participate in the lottery and has not paid the full amount due in any month then such amounts paid will be reimbursed.

4) The draw for a particular month will be held by the third Wednesday of the month. A representative, or representatives, of the EyUp Charity Committee will undertake each draw with an additional independent witness.

5) At each draw, the appropriate number of winning numbers will be drawn and allocated in order of prize value.

If any prize remains unclaimed for a period of six months after it is drawn, and all reasonable attempts have been made to locate the winner, the prize will be deemed void. The prize will then be redrawn at the first suitable draw after the six-month period has expired.

6) If any subscription is not received on the date it falls due, the relevant number will be immediately suspended from the draw until subscription recommences. The onus will be on each individual to ensure that his or her subscriptions are paid by the date due.

If any subscription is not received we will take, at the earliest opportunity, such steps as are reasonably practical in all the circumstances to inform the relevant member that a subscription has not been received.

7) All winners will be notified in writing. A list of numbers will be placed on the Trust’s staff intranet and charity webpages.

8) Small society lotteries governed by the Gambling Act must ensure that at least 20% of the proceeds of the lottery are applied to a purpose for which the society is conducted. Each individual lottery will not exceed £20,000 in proceeds and total proceeds for a calendar year will not exceed £250,000 in aggregate. The charity is not undertaking any other lotteries in conjunction with this lottery. As per the small society lottery rules the maximum prize of any draw will not exceed £25,000.

9) Chances will cost £1 each per month. Members may purchase up to a maximum of 10 chances. The cost of each chance must be paid to the EyUp community lottery before any person is given any right in respect of membership of the lottery.

10) The lottery will maintain a value of prizes available as close to 50% of annual takings as is possible.

11) The EyUp Charity may vary the entry fee at any time provided that they notify lottery members in advance.

12) Upon receipt of entry into the lottery, a notification of the allocated number(s) will be issued to each member.

13) Proceeds will be used by the Charity for the enhancement of service users’ lives.

14) In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of the lottery rules or conduct of the draw the decision of the EyUp Charity Committee shall be final.

15) In the event of less than 700 chances being sold, the EyUp Charity Committee reserves the right to amend the prizes accordingly.

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