Judging and shortlisting

The judging process varies a little between the team/service awards and the individual awards.

Individual awards

Each BDU will be sent all the nominations from their area – corporate support service (Quality Academy) nominations will also be grouped together. Each BDU and the Quality Academy will then decide on one nomination in each category to put forward for judging.

So, that means in each of the four award categories there will be one nomination from:

  • Barnsley BDU
  • Calderdale and Kirklees BDU (judged together this year)
  • Wakefield BDU
  • Forensic BDU
  • Specialist BDU
  • Support/corporate service

So, that’s 6 nominees in each of the 4 categories – this will mean a total of 24 nominees will go forward to the judging panel, making sure that every part of our Trust is represented.

Team/service awards

The applications for all 5 categories will go straight to the judging panel; there will be no BDU decision on which applications to put forward.

The judging panel

The main judging panel will take place on the afternoon of Monday 10 September. The judging panel will include staff who represent all areas of the Trust. They’ll get together along with service users, carers and Members’ Council representatives to read through the entries. If you’re interested in being a judge, drop a line to excellence@swyt.nhs.uk

Judging groups will look at team/service entries and also discuss the entries but they won’t need to struggle to make a joint decision on the winner – that’s always proved to be too difficult! Each judge scores their category individually – giving 10 points to their favourite entry, 8 points to the next, then 7, then 6 and so on. It’s a bit like Eurovision scoring!

The scores are then taken away and collated and that’s how the winners are decided. The list of winners is kept a very closely guarded secret, even the judges and our directors don’t know who’s won until the gold envelopes get opened at the celebration event!

What happens if you’re shortlisted?

All nominees will receive an invitation to a celebration event that takes place on the evening of Tuesday 13 November.

Each shortlisted team/service can bring five people to the event. Colleagues who have been nominated in the individual categories will be encouraged to attend with one other colleague – they can choose who to bring with them.

We’ll be making short films about all the services and teams who are shortlisted. We’ll also be getting photos of all our individual nominees. We’ll be in touch with everyone on the shortlist as soon as it’s announced!

If you have any queries about the process, just get in touch with excellence@swyt.nhs.uk or call 01924 316391

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