Team/service awards – categories and criteria

There are five categories open to any Trust service or team; clinical or non-clinical. Integrated teams are also welcome to apply.

Excellence in improving health

Improving people’s health and wellbeing is one of our strategic objectives. This award is for a piece of work that can evidence how it has improved the health and wellbeing – or reduced health inequalities – for people who use our services, their carers or people who live in our local area. It could also be for work that has improved the health and wellbeing of our staff. The judges will be looking for how this is more than just normal day-to-day practice and how this work can be sustained.

Excellence in improving care

Improving the quality and experience of all that we do is one of our strategic objectives. This award will recognise an excellent project or initiative that identified an area where quality and/or experience needed to be improved, set objectives and delivered these. This category includes work undertaken by non-clinical teams that impact on quality and experience of care. Judges will be looking for clear aims and great outcomes. Judges will also look at how this work can be shared and learning applied elsewhere.

Excellence in improving resources

Improving our use of resources is one of our strategic objectives. This award will go to a team or service who identified a need to improve their use of resources and can describe how they tackled the problem and how the outcome was evaluated. Judges will be looking for evidence of what improvement has taken place – for example, how savings have been made or efficiency improved.

Engagement and involvement excellence

This award is for any service or team who can demonstrate excellence in engagement and involvement (including co-production) with people who use services, carers or staff. Your entry should describe how you created a level relationship with the people you involved and how co-production, engagement and involvement contributed to improved outcomes. The judges will be looking for entries that have clear aims and objectives and can demonstrate how they achieved excellent, measurable outcomes.

Partnership working excellence

Presented to a service or team who can evidence excellent partnership working, this award highlights the impact of working with others. It could be that your project or initiative needed internal partnership working or that you teamed up with external organisations or groups to achieve objectives. The judges will be looking for clear measurement of the impact of partnership working and the difference it made.

Entry criteria for team/service awards

• These awards are for teams/services. Entries for individuals cannot be accepted – please consider the individual awards instead.
• Entries will be accepted for work that has taken place in the previous two years (between summer 2016 and summer 2018).
• You can enter a specific project or initiative into one category only. However different projects or pieces of work by the same service/ department/ team can be entered into different categories.
• Entries must be made online by 20 August 2018

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