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Application process

We hope the process is straight-forward and easy to follow, help is always at hand if you get stuck! Please take a look at the entry criteria before entering.

Entry criteria

 For team/service awards

  • Entries for individuals cannot be accepted in these 5 categories – please consider the individual awards instead.
  • Entries will be accepted for work that has taken place in the previous two years (between summer 2017 and summer 2019).
  • You can enter a specific project or initiative into one category only. However different projects or pieces of work by the same service/ department/ team can be entered into different categories.

For individual awards

  • More than one person, teams or services cannot be entered into these 4 categories, please consider the team awards instead.
  • The nominated individual must work for Trust in either a paid or voluntary capacity.
  • Please make sure that the person you are nominating knows about the submission and is happy for you to apply on their behalf
  • Staff who work for the Trust in an integrated team can be nominated
  • Individuals can only be nominated by individual members of Trust staff or by a whole team or service. You cannot nominate yourself!

Application process

  • Entries must be made online Postal or emailed entries will not be accepted. This is so we collect information in the most efficient way for planning and judging.
  • Entries must be made by 23 August. Judging dates have already been set so there cannot be any exceptions. The entry deadline will not be extended.
  • You must clearly indicate the name of your entry, service, team or individual as this will be printed on any certificate and/or trophy.
  • You are encouraged to carefully read the category description and judging criteria for the category you are entering and aim to reflect this in your entry.
  • Please reflect the Trust’s values in your entry.
  • Please stick within the word/character counts. This makes it a fair process for everyone.
  • We encourage you to write the key points of your application in a Word document and save this before copying and pasting the info into the online form – this is to prevent you losing your work if your computer crashes or you get called away and fail to submit the application form.

Application questions

There are two different forms, one for the service/team awards and one for when you are nominating an individual.

There is some basic information requested at the start of the form, about work area and contact details.

Questions for the team/service awards

These are the core questions – each with a limit of 150 words:

  1. Please give a summary of the project/initiative that you are nominating
  2. Why are you entering this work into this category?
  3. What were the outcomes of this work?
  4. How does this work demonstrate the Trust’s values?

You are also asked to provide a comment (quote) about the work or team, to a maximum of 50 words. The quote should be in support of the project or team and it can be from a colleague, manager, partner organisation, GP, service user, carer or anyone else you feel is appropriate.

This quote will be used to inform the judges as well as being used in any publicity materials. So you must ensure you seek consent of the person providing the quote. If the person being quoted is a service user or carer, you will be asked to indicate if they are happy for their full name to be used. If not, only their initials will be used.

Questions for the individual awards

 Once you’ve filled in the basic contact info there’s just one question for these categories:

Please explain why this person deserves this award?

You’ve got 400 words to use, so please tell us as much as you can. Please include in your answer examples of how they live the Trust’s values.

You are also then asked to use three words to describe the individual. These will be used in presentations on the night and in award publicity.

Need advice? Email excellence@swyt.nhs.uk or call 01924 316391.

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