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Individual awards – categories and criteria

There are four categories for individuals who can work in any clinical or a non-clinical role.

The shortlist will be made up of one person from each BDU and support services.

Unsung hero

Recognising someone who truly lives our values and makes a difference. They may not always get the praise and recognition for what they do; this is your chance to shine a light on their attitude, work and commitment.

Leader of the year

This is for anybody who has excellent leadership skills; they do not need to be in a formal management role. This award recognises the importance of ‘leading from every seat’ in the Trust, inspiring others and taking people with them.

Rising star

Recognising anyone who is on the up in their career, whether new into the Trust or in an evolving role. This is for someone who has a bright future in front of them; they can inspire change and are making a real difference.

Outstanding achievement

This is for someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Trust and its work. They may have been working for the NHS for a long time or perhaps they have triumphed over adversity – either way, they have achieved something remarkable.

Entry criteria for individual awards

  • These awards are for individuals only – teams or services cannot be entered, please consider the team awards instead.
  • The nominated individual must work for Trust in either a paid or voluntary capacity.
  • Please make sure that the person you are nominating knows about the submission and is happy for you to apply on their behalf
  • Individuals can only be nominated by individual members of Trust staff or by a whole team or service. You cannot nominate yourself!
  • Entries must be made online by 23 August

Got any questions or need advice on which category to enter?

Email excellence@swyt.nhs.uk or call 01924 316391

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