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What is Calderdale Recovery College?

Calderdale Recovery College is based on the principles of hope, control and personal responsibility. We believe that it is possible to regain a meaningful life, living with a health limiting illness or disability. We value everyone’s lived experience and co-design and co-facilitate all our courses with professionals and people who have a lived experience of a mental or physical health illness or disability.

Professionals from statutory services, third sector organisations and community groups help us develop a range of workshops and courses alongside our volunteers to support people to be well and stay well.

What do we mean by Recovery?

Recovery means different things for different people and there is no single definition.

Recovery does not always refer to the process of complete recovery from a health condition. It is about recovering a life worth living and regaining those things that may have been lost due to mental or physical illness and/or disability. These would include social confidence, purpose and meaning, life opportunities through to education and employment. Our courses reflect this.

College life

Our College is not somewhere to obtain qualifications but to learn to stay well and be well. We focus on personal development, wellness and recovery. It is a place to shine, blossom and grow. We will help you develop wellness tools and support courses that help you move your life forward such as opportunities to volunteer, get back to education or get ready for employment.

We provide the opportunity to explore personal strengths and talents, in a relaxed and safe environment. We introduce learners to a wider network of people and organisations that will benefit their lives and recovery.
We are also developing a library of resources around self-help, care and wellbeing.

The College has a base/hub at Hope Street Resource Centre, Halifax. Working with partners and community groups we intend to offer workshops and courses through the Recovery College across Calderdale.

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