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Recovery College Charter

The Recovery College aims to create an environment that encourages learning and where those attending feel they are supported. This charter is designed to help understand what is expected of you and of us, whilst accessing the college.

We will respect you as an individual at all times. We will do this by:

What you can expect from us:

  • Respecting your values, opinions and beliefs
  • Equality of opportunity, free of harassment and discrimination
  • Helping people that support you to access courses e.g. a career, friend or interpreter
  • Behaving in a way that fosters a shared understanding and mutual respect
  • Encouragement to take responsibility for your own learning and development
  • Opportunities for you to comment on and review the courses and facilities on offer
  • Clear information about the courses on offer
  • The chance to celebrate success
  • Suitably trained facilitators and volunteers who are committed to the quality of your experience and to their own
    professional development

What we expect from you:

  • Respect the rights, choices, beliefs and opinions of others
  • Commit to attending course/workshop you have enrolled on
  • Do my best to inform the college ahead of time, if I am going to be late or miss a session and return from my breaks
    in a timely manner
  • Respect the college environment and equipment
  • Ensure mobile phones are on silent/turned off before entering any learning area
  • If I act in a way that may put myself or others at risk, I understand I may be asked to leave the course
  • Avoid the use of language or terminology that might offend others
  • Do not attend the college if under the influence of alcohol or substances, because it affects my ability to learn and/or
    ability to conduct myself respectfully.
  • I agree to behave appropriately within the learning environment and accept guidance from the course facilitator
  • Keep us informed of any special needs or requirements you have so we can support you in the best way possible
  • Seek early advice and support whenever you need clarification, or if you have a problem
  • I will keep any personal/private information heard during any course strictly confidential

By enrolling on recovery college courses, I am confirming that I will attend these courses and abide by the College’s code of conduct. I understand that failure to attend these courses without contacting the Recovery College beforehand may result in a period of time where I am unable to attend any courses that I have enrolled on or was planning to enrol on. I also understand that if I am in danger, or there is a risk to myself or others, the information that I have given may be shared with others to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We shall let you know if we have to share this information.

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