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About the service

Important information about this service

The Barnsley care navigation/ telehealth service that the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provided, through the delivery of telephonic services and telehealth vital sign monitoring to patients with long-term conditions in Barnsley, has now been decommissioned. The Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) made the decision to decommission the service following a review of the service. This resulted in the Trust no longer providing telehealth monitoring and telephonic health coaching services to Barnsley patients from 31 January 2018.

For any patient who may have accessed the service previously and who were enquiring to re-access the service again, then please contact the Barnsley community nursing referral service on 01226 382594 for assistance.

Please note that the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust will continue to deliver its Bassetlaw care navigation/telehealth service until 29 June 2018. Following a separate service review the Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has also taken the decision to cease funding the service therefore from 30 June 2018 this service will no longer exist. As patients are often only with the care navigation service for short periods of time, patients who are currently on a Bassetlaw care navigation and telehealth programme will be given the opportunity to complete it. This change will therefore not affect many current service users. For those likely to be affected we will be in contact to discuss the changes. 

Why would someone choose the service?

  • We help you navigate care and provide support, so you feel more in control of your health condition
  • Our team of nurses can help you if you have been newly diagnosed with a long-term health condition. We can also help if you have been living with your condition
  • for some time or if you have more than one condition
  • We tailor our care to make sure that it suits the individuals and their needs
  • We’ll give you information about local services that you may not be aware of – such as self-help groups, support groups, social services and the voluntary sector
  • We offer support to achieve existing goals or help in setting new ones

Listed below are the responses received from patients following the 2014 / 2015 audit for those patients that had accessed the care navigation and health coaching pathways:-

Care navigation pathway patient responses:

  • 82% said their confidence has increased
  • 77% felt that they are more in control of their condition
  • 77% had visited the services identified through the care navigation service
  • 64% said the care navigation service has helped them solve a problem
  • 59% felt the service helped them identify local services which benefited them
  • 59% said they are visiting their GP less

Health coaching pathway patient responses:

  • 100% identified realistic goals and had taken steps to act on them
  • 100% agreed that they felt more in control of their condition
  • 100% made lifestyle changes
  • 100% agreed that they visit their GP less
  • 75% had increased their confidence
  • 75% felt their quality of life has improved

Our inspiring stories, featuring Barnsley people who have used our service, show how our service has changed their life:

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