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Ben, Barnsley, 27

After So Long

Their story

It was warm for the first time this year and the sky was cloudless and blue. Out of the window, trees blurred passed and birds looped and dived, never able to keep up with us. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this excited about being away from the house. Recently, every other time I felt like my stomach was balling up and I started sweating. Mum was always telling me it was much safer if I stayed inside while they went out. They only ever went out to buy food. Today was different though. The wind whipped my hair a little more as we accelerated to overtake a lorry, and I turned to look. As we passed, the sun fell on my face and I squinted at the sudden brightness. I stayed like that for a little while, letting the warmth seep into me and thaw my nervousness about being so far from home.

‘Not long now, Sunshine.’ Mum said.

She checked her mirrors before moving back over, and as she did, she beamed a huge smile back to me through the rear-view one. I knew she was just as excited as I was…

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