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Tom, Barnsley, 28

Climbing Up After Being Locked Down

Their story

With Covid case numbers going up again as it gets closer to Christmas, I’m more nervous about the idea of being stuck inside with the days getting shorter and nights getting longer. I don’t want any more restrictions to be put on us. I’ve struggled enough for years with my mental health but being in lockdown definitely makes it ten times worse.

After it eased the first time I couldn’t wait to see people but I was anxious about being around groups. One thing that really made a difference for me was Ben at TwoCan reaching out to ask whether I wanted to try climbing for the first time. He said we could go first thing in the morning when it was super quiet and nobody else would be there. We started going to a place called the Depot in Sheffield. I loved it straight away. Ben said I was a natural. As I started enjoying it more and felt more confident I asked some of my other friends if they wanted to come with. There are six of us now who climb regularly and I’ve been climbing for nearly a full year.

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